Sex Therapy To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Sex therapy is a very important method for treating erectile dysfunction. Let’s discuss it here.

In medicine, sex therapy is a consultation with a sex specialist. A therapy course includes 5-20 consultations and each lasts for an hour. A patient comes for a consultation once every 1-2 weeks.

The most important element of this therapy is not the consultation itself but the tasks the patient needs to do, including:

  • reading books about sex;
  • developing communication skills with the opposite sex;
  • “touch exercises” to overcome nervousness during sex.

When is sex therapy effective?

This method is often effective for men who have a normal nighttime erection, normal blood test results and are in good physical health.

Sexual dysfunctionSex therapy is recommended when sexual dysfunction is caused by stress (i.e. anxiety for any reason, conflicts at work or in the family, not having sex often enough). This is when the reason is not due to irreversible changes in the body’s organs or tissues, but it is psychological. In this case, sex therapy can be effective.

How does it work?

Sex therapy is the most effective when the patient’s partner gives his or her consent to participate in the therapy as well. As the evidence shows, when a man undergoes therapy with his partner, it yields a positive result in 50-70 percent of cases. If a man undergoes a therapy alone, the results are usually not so good.

Sex specialistIt’s reasonable to consult a sex specialist before starting any drug treatment or before undergoing any surgical intervention. A specialist will recommend the most optimal treatments in addition to more conservative treatment. A sex specialist can teach you sexual communication and certain new sexual techniques. For example, the sex specialist could explain the beneficial effects of penile injections or the use of a vacuum penile pump to maintain an erection.

Does my medical insurance cover the cost of sex therapy?

Not all medical insurance certificates cover the cost of sex therapy. You should ask your doctor about it first. If your insurance company denies your claim, you’ll have to pay for it yourself unfortunately. Medical insuranceSpecialized clinics have a broader list of services than private doctors. The average cost of sex therapy is $600 to $2,300 depending on the causes of the problem, suggested treatment plan and your body’s reaction to the therapy.

How can I find a good specialist?

You can find a good specialist by:

  • asking your physician to refer one;
  • visiting your local clinic or a medical center;
  • getting feedback and recommendations from previous patients.

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