Erectile dysfunction: What to start with

Day 1: We are here to help you.

Your doctor diagnosed you with erectile dysfunction. It sounds terrible but this is not the end of the world. The good news is that the quality of your sexual life may even become much better.

You can be referred to urologist, a specialist who manages such conditions, to have lab tests. The doctor may also prescribe you Viagra or a similar medication. Whatever the situation remember that you are not alone and your condition is not unique.

Your partner is also suffering, that is why it s reasonable to choose treatment together. Talk to your partner and decide together, it will be beneficial for both of you.

Medications and devices

Erection starts in the brain where the signals about a sexual arousal activate chemical chain reaction. This process enables relaxation of the muscles that hold vascular walls and it prevents blood flow to the penis. Anything can go wrong during this process, that is why there are so many causes of erectile dysfunction.

If you suffer erectile dysfunction, Viagra or similar medications such as Cialis and Levitra can be an optimal solution. These medications are responsible for the sexual arousal signals that go from the brain. The medications do not help you get erection but they give you the chance to get it. You and your partner should get used to taking these medications.

While these medications help many men with erectile dysfunction, there are certain contraindications. Not everyone can take such medications. If the following is true about you, then you should choose some other treatment.

To overcome those obstacles on the path from the brain to the penis, medical drugs should be injected right in the penis. While some men find this unacceptable, others realize that this effective solution will help them to have a satisfactory sexual life.

A simple device is now gaining popularity among men and it is a vacuum pump. It enables blood flood to the penis. Penis constriction ring is used to enhance and maintain erection during a sexual intercourse.

Other men choose a radical treatment and decide to undergo a surgery to implant a falloprosthesis. The simplest and the safest is a one-component plasticĀ  falloprosthesis. There is also a type of falloprosthesis that is filled with sterile water.


Overcoming erectile dysfunction as any sexual experience requires patience, practice and your partner involvement. To solve this problem is only part of your efforts to have a satisfactory sexual life. It can unlock a whole new world of erotics for you and your partner. And do not forget that the most sexual world in any language is communication.

Stay healthy!

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