Erectile dysfunction: How to restore close relationships

Erectile dysfunction can also put at risk relationships of the couple. However, sex is not the only way to keep intimacy with the partner. There are different ways to maintain warm and healthy relations and not all of them involve sex. Here are the tips:

  • Talk about your feelings: communicating your feelings and concerns will make you closer. An open dialogue with a partner about your needs and worries can help to overcome a barrier to healthy relationships.
  • Share a hobby: some hobby, sport or volunteering will help you and your partner be closer to each other.
  • Spend more time one on one: take a bath together, have a romantic candle light dinner, go out or just cuddle in bed.
  • Try alternative sex techniques: learn some new sexual techniques that will give you pleasure without a sexual intercourse. You can find a lot of information about how to be sexual without intercourse.
  • Consult sex specialist: if erectile dysfunction is the cause of tension between you, consult a sex specialist.
  • Finally, enjoy using new techniques, positions, sex toys etc. It may help you to overcome erectile dysfunction or, at least, you will have a full and satisfying sexual life. Do not press to much on yourself. Just enjoy!

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