Sauna and sperm: negative health effects

Who does not like to meet with friends in the sauna and have a good sweat? But if you are a father-to-be, then it is better to avoid it. On the other hand, do not think that a sauna is a good birth control method and a 100% guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy. In ancient times, people used the sauna as a contraception method. People believed that this Japanese method was effective (only in those times people sweat in a barrel with hot water). A question arises: is this method effective these days?

Specialists believe that when men sweat in a sauna, the changes in the number and the quality of the sperm occur. High temperatures reduce the number of the sperm in ejaculate and sperm motility. These changes occur gradually without any sharp fluctuations and quickly disappear.

Nature created a male body so that the testicles are safe and beyond the “thermal nucleus”. This is not a coincidence. Sperm cells mature at 33-34°C which is lower than 36.6°C. When the temperature increases, the process of maturation stops.

In a sauna, the temperature of the testicles may reach 36-37°C which is detrimental for the sperm production and motility.

Please, note that there is no direct connection between the number of active sperm and their fertility (a natural capability to produce offspring). And no one can say for sure when your body will be affected by high temperatures of the sauna. Hot baths and saunas are not effective birth control methods.

So, if you are not going to become a parent yet, do not forget to use a preservative or other birth control methods other than a hot bath or a sauna. But if you are planning to have a child, do not sweat in a sauna or take a hot bath too often. This will increases your chances to become a dad soon.

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