The myths and facts about aphrodisiacs

Wondering across the Internet, you can find a lot of interesting information about foods that immediately boost libido. We made lists of foodstuffs for those who are interested in this issue. The first list contains true aphrodisiacs and their effect is a proven fact. The second list is foods that are absolutely useless.

Human used aphrodisiacs when the pharmaceutics did not even exist. Eating certain foods, people noticed that it boosted their sex drive, improved their sexual abilities and enhanced sexual pleasure. Later, these foods were named aphrodisiacs, the name is associated with the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Ancient legends about this miraculous power survived to our days.

Scientists found it interesting and decided to look at this issue from a scientific point of view. In 2015, the Californian medical scientific journal published a review about aphrodisiacs explaining benefits, harm, and effectiveness of “love” foods. According to them, there are the following true aphrodisiacs:

  • Peruvian maca.

Maca root is grown in the Andes on the territory of Peru and the locals have been using it since old times to boost their sex drive. Maca root was studied and its benefits were confirmed. As practice shows, Peruvian maca is effective for female sexual dysfunction and helps to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Its biggest advantage is that maca virtually does not have any side effects.

  • Ginseng.

Numerous studies of ginseng root found and confirmed its unique properties for male erectile dysfunction. It can also help women through menopause as ginseng root enhances sexual arousal.

  • Maidenhair tree.
  • This tree has been known to the Chinese medicine long ago and is its extracts are widely used to manage depression, sexual dysfunctions and other similar conditions. The results of some studies show that the maidenhair tree is especially effective for sexual dysfunctions caused by antidepressants.

    However, the specialists warn that in some cases, it can cause bleeding especially when you take maidenhair tree with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Take this extract with caution.

  • Saffron.

    This flower is better known as a spice used for cooking. Other than that, it helps to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Nutmeg.

This is one more ingredient in many traditional cuisines. Using it as aphrodisiac, it improves male sexual performance.

  • Indian almond.

The main benefit of this nut is that it enhances sexual drive and gives energy to both men and women.

Foods that are false aphrodisiacs

  • Chocolate.

Contrary to popular opinion, this treat made of cocoa beans is not effective in managing sexual issues. Chocolate increases serotonin in the human brain but does not have any impact on sex drive. Medical specialists recommend eating chocolate to enhance circulation in the brain and improve memory.


  • Honey.

An old tradition to drink a honey-based beverage at weddings, probably helped to spread a popular opinion that honey is a good aphrodisiac. In fact, scientists have not yet proved it and that is why this sweet product is on the list of false aphrodisiacs.

Besides, medical specialists recommend that we should not let the ads deceive us and buy a sexual stimulant mad honey manufactured in Turkey. It contains a toxin dangerous for the heart and vessels.

  • Oysters.

They say that Casanova ate 50 oysters a day and it was the secret of his sexual stamina. It is also believed that oysters are rich in zinc which is essential for testosterone production. However, scientists did not find any link between eating oysters and having great sexual performance,

  • Wild yams.

The extract of this plant is one of the ingredients in some creams for women to boost their sex desire and arousal during a menopause. Other than that, there is no evidence about the benefits of this product for sexual performance.

  • Monk’s pepper tree.

This is a plant with presumed medicinal effects and is used to treat PMS (premenstrual syndrome in women). However, we did not find any evidence that it helps to solve any sexual issues.

Scientists are also unanimous about such ancient aphrodisiacs as Bufo toad extracts and blister beetle and claim that there are not effective and even may be dangerous.

Finally …

An American nutrition specialist Elaine Magi says that the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs may be psychological. She believes that sex is often associated with soft and tender foods. Pay attention to this when you make a romantic dinner. Besides, each person has their own unique perception of foods that stimulate sexual desire.

What aphrodisiacs have you tried? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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