Ultrasound is effective for prostate cancer, incontinence, and erectile dysfunction

Prostate cancer is not the end of life and it is not necessarily treated surgically. French scientists believe that ultrasound may be an effective alternative.

The key benefit of ultrasound intervention is that it helps to avoid negative consequences typical for traditional treatment methods. There is evidence that ultrasound does not damage the nerves around the prostate and patients do not develop incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

The clinical trial was conducted in one of the clinics in Lyon by the researchers from the French Institute of Health and Medical Research. The leader of the studies was Jean Yves Chapillion. The experiment involved 243 men undergoing prostate cancer treatment.

The results of the experiment showed that an ultrasound impulse that lasts for a few seconds may replace a scalpel. The efficacy of this method was 89% which s comparable with the efficacy of the traditional method. More than that the number of complications has significantly decreased. For example, erectile dysfunction developed in 40 cases out of 100 (for reference: traditional surgical treatment causes erectile dysfunction in 80% of cases) and only 8% of patients reported incontinence.

In his work, Jean Yves Chapillion underlined that there is nothing surprising in these results because ultrasound does not damage the nerve endings compared to surgery. He claims that if we can keep the nerves undamaged, we can maintain male sexual health.

The scientists presented the results of his studies at a conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The next step is to introduce this method to treat other types of cancer.

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