11 Reasons To Eat Apples

We have all heard the old adage since when we were young an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are leaders for their health benefits. Whether this saying is true or not?

Here are 11 facts about health benefits of apples.

Apples prevent anemia

As apples are rich in iron, they are recommended to prevent anemia and to increase the levels of hemoglobin.

Apples prevent brain aging

Recent studies show that apple juice and quercetin, the major component in apple peels, help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Apples boost our memory and cognitive functions due to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays a critical role in memory and learning.

Apples are essential for cancer prevention

New rat studies showed that fresh apple juice reduces the risk of breast cancer by 44%.

Regularly eating apples you reduce the risk of developing colon, pancreatic, and liver cancer.

It is recommended to eat apples with peels because anticancer elements are contained in the peels.

Apples are a go-to for those who want to lose weight

There are numerous apple-based diets and this is for a reason. Apples contain a lot of fiber and water and really help to lose weight. Besides, they are a great food to keep hunger at bay.

Apples are especially useful for the diabetics as they help to regulate glucose levels.

Apples are good for the cardiovascular system

Among many other essential nutrients and fiber found in apples, this fruit is also rich in vitamins and trace elements that lower the level of cholesterol and improve blood circulation. Two apples a day is enough to reduce cholesterol by 16%.

Apples make the bones stronger

Apples are essential for development of muscle tissues, skin, organs, blood and bones in children. They are very useful for women during menopause. This is explained by the fact that apples contain substances that make the bones stronger.

Apples are the only fruit that contains boron and phlorizin enhancing bone formation. Bones are a framework for children’s growing bodies and for older women who are most at risk for osteoporosis.

Apples are essential for a healthy gallbladder

An apple a day is enough to prevent gallbladder stones.

The main cause of gall stones is cholesterol and apples lower the level of cholesterol due to their fat-binding properties.

Apples are good for the liver

Apples eliminate toxins and they are a good liver cleanser.

Apples for young and healthy skin

Aside from their ability to eliminate toxins, apples also promote collagen production due to pectins. Eating apples, we get a double benefit – clean and firm skin.

Apple prevent asthma

Apple juice is recommended for children with asthma as it relieves the symptoms of the disease. Pregnant women should eat apples not only because they are a great source of vitamins but apples eventually help to prevent asthma in babies.

Apples remove teeth plaque

Of course, you should not forget about traditional cleaning your teeth but eating an apple after breakfast or lunch may substitute a toothbrush. During each bite into an apple, you remove plaque and food from between the teeth preventing teeth decay.

Finally, apples are just very yummy. Enjoy apples and stay healthy!

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