Caffeine May Reduce the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

The research conducted at the Texas University, Houston showed that daily consumption of coffee or other caffeinated drinks may help to reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. However, caffeine is not useful for everyone. Men with diabetes should avoid drinking coffee as caffeine will not have a positive effect in their case.

The research included 3.700 male volunteers who reported how much coffee or tea that drank every day. Detailed research data were published in PLOS One. Based on the results of their study, researchers calculated the optimal amount of caffeine that has a positive effect on male’s health.

According to the study, the daily consumption of 85-170 mg of caffeinated drinks reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction by 42%. It means that 2-3 cups of coffee a day positively affects a man’s erection. It is explained by the fact that caffeine helps blood vessels relax and improves circulation. More than that caffeinated drinks relax certain muscles in the penis.

These results were confirmed by an independent review – caffeine helps penile cavernous smooth muscles relax improving the erection. The results are promising but further studies are needed.

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