Is There a Link Between Marijuana and Erectile Dysfunction?

There is evidence that nicotine may limit the amount of blood that flows to the vessels and for this reason, smoking has a negative effect on male sexual vigor. Erectile dysfunction in smokers is a scientifically proved fact and it is true not only about those who smoke tobacco but also who prefer marijuana. Brian Wu studies the link between using soft drugs and male sexual vigor.

The scientists found that penile smooth muscle tissue contains cannabinoid receptors. Consequently, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana, which is a derivative of cannabis, may provoke erectile dysfunction.

This is not only chemical processes that are involved but also physiological factors: pleasant euphoria from marijuana gives place to apathy and slow reaction. Men are not able to have sex regarding such physical condition.

Marijuana stimulates dopamine production, a hormone that is responsible for our mood. Increasing the level of this hormone artificially will inevitably cause reduced libido. THC undermines physical and psychological functions of our body and the reward system in our brain fails. As a result, our behavior reactions on pleasant things such as sex fail and a positive reaction does not occur.

Cannabis also has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system provoking the development of hypertension which aggravates the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Be aware that negative risks directly depend on the amount of marijuana you smoke. Men who regularly use cannabis have problems with sexual vigor more often. To be fair we have to mention that some men claim that marijuana smoking helps them to get sexual arousal. Anyway, it all depends on the person and his health but remember that marijuana is a drug and any addiction is potentially dangerous.

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