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9 Ways To Check If Your Honey Is Pure Or Fake

We are not going to rant about all the differences of pure and fake honey but will share with you effective methods to test the quality of your honey before you buy and when you already have it in your kitchen.

Good honey means pure honey that was produced by the bees with pollen and nectar but not with sugar. Fake honey is a sweet product with a lot of water, artificial sweeteners, sugar etc.

There are so many honey brands – how to choose the best?

  • Read product label

Every packaged food provides a list of ingredients. Reading product food label, you learn whether there are any extra ingredients in honey. Manufacturers must indicate the percentage of all the ingredients that are found in the product.

  • Pure honey is not sticky

Take some honey and rub it between your fingers. Pure honey is easily absorbed by the skin (in case you take just a few drops). If honey is sticky and is not absorbed, it is likely that the manufacturer added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

  • Caramelization

Add a couple of teaspoons of honey in a small bowl and heat in the microwave on high power. Pure honey will get caramelized and fake honey will form a layer of frothy bubbles on top.

  • A test with paper

Put a drop of honey on paper. Impure honey will get soaked in immediately because it contains water and good honey will not spoil the paper.

  • Ant trap

Ants do not like pure honey. If by any chance you have ants or know the place where there are ants, put a drop of honey and watch. If the ants will stay away from it, it means that your honey is of good quality.

  • Honey and water

The easiest and effective way to check the quality of honey is to test its reaction with water. Add a spoon of honey in a glass of water. Pure honey will break into small pieces and go to the bottom. Fake honey with a lot of artificial additives will dissolve.

  • Taste buds

100% pure honey causes a tingly sensation in your mouth. Fake honey does not give such an effect.

  • Honey and bread

Spread some honey on a slice of bread. If bread will harden, then honey is genuine. Fake honey will only wet the bread because it contains water.

  • Crystallization

Genuine honey naturally crystallizes with time but fake honey remains liquid, syrup-like for a very long due to artificial additives.

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