Sweet Lie

9 Ways To Check If Your Honey Is Pure Or Fake We are not going to rant about all the differences of pure and fake honey but will share with you effective methods to test the quality of your honey before you buy and when you already have it in your kitchen. Good honey means pure honey that was produced by the bees with pollen and nectar but not with sugar. ...

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Myth No. 1: You Should Eat Meat Every Day

Should we stop eating meat? Humans always ate meat and as we know from the history, meat was not only an essential meal, it was closely associated with mythological and religious perception of ancient people. There are still some peoples for whom meat has a deep mythological sense. However, it is a myth that humans are naturally meant to eat meat. Avoiding meat for a long period of time is not only ...

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Milk Is Beneficial To Brain Health

Dairy products change the chemical composition of the nerve tissue increasing the levels of antioxidants. The benefits of antioxidants are well-known. They protect the tissues against the damaging action of various molecules. Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, is one of such protective molecules.  Glutathione helps to prevent such diseases as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. We can imagine this process as a scratch on your car. If you do not repair it, the scratch will ...

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