How Can Fats Be Harmful?

One of the most serious horror stories related to food chemistry involves trans fats. Here, chemist Sergei Belkoff describes extensively why trans fats are so dangerous. Fats are a necessary, energy-rich and delicious food component. Today, however, their content in the food we eat is excessive — and it’s not just the quantity that matters. The qualitative composition is also important. At the beginning of the last century, soybeans arrived in ...

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Fast and Slow Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are a group of organic compounds representing one of the nutrients necessary for the body, as well as amino acids (proteins) and fatty acids (fats). Carbohydrates are detrimental for our body. They transform the energy we use for our everyday activities. Carbohydrates, however, can be distinguished by a variety of criteria, including nutritional value, structure and specifically the time it takes to break down food to the components in the ...

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Corn Oil

Corn oil is made from corn germ seeds. It’s transparent yellow in color and its taste is neutral and odorless. This is a product suitable for cooking (frying) and can also be used for baking, making vegetable sauces and in salad dressing. In most cases, corn oil is suitable for a healthy diet, as well for consumption by children. Production Methods and Composition Corn oil has properties similar to soy. It contains ...

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